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Grass City - Browse for smoking accessories like Bongs, Water Bongs, Unique Glass Pipes, smoking gadgets, rolling papers and much more to our shop section. Party packs available. Special daily deals. Learn everything you want to know about smoking or growing and discuss it with fellow Tokers on the discussion forums. Enjoy and toke it easy!


Smoking Accessories - How to best keep your smoke products like tobacco, herbs, marijuana and cannabis to name a few, fresh for extended periods of time! We Refreshin the Alternative Options with our disks!!! 

A Third Eye Design - handblown glass studio offering one of a kind pyrex glass pipes,  head pieces, beads and pendants, kif boxes, erotic arts and more

Bad Apple - Home - It's always 420 at Bad Apple - Mostly Stickers, Mostly Marijuana, Coop/Kozik, Die Cut Stickers, Stash Tins, Textile Music Posters, Incense,

BC BUD SEEDS - The Source for marijuana seeds and bongs on the net BC Bud Seeds is your source for the highest quality marijuana/cannabis seeds, bongs, pipes, books, videos, and vaporizers in the world.

BC Sifting & Salvage Boxes - KIF, KIEF, KEIF, KEEF or KEF....Highest Quality Pollen Boxes handmade in Houston, Unique & Practical stackable design, Beautiful Appalachian Oak wood, 100 mesh stainless steel screens, 100% organic.

Big Buds Smoking Accessories -
Quality products at great prices! Waterpipes, handpipes, pokers, stash jars, lighters, kif boxes and more! - and beautifull glass pipes with smoking reviews, lots of specials with detailed descriptions, best guide on how to smoke from a pipe or bong, FREE Smoking Helpdesk !

Bubble Bag -
Buy bubble bags for the finest ice water hash extraction. Learn how to make bubble hash and hemp milk. Also selling Hemp Hoodlambs, Vaporizers, and the Bubblenow. - Smoking Paraphernalia and Ethnic Clothes

Cannabis Vaporizer - Air420, Suppliers of Cannabis Vaporizers

Cheap Lighters -
Novelty Lighters. Wholesale Lighters. Get your Free Sample!

Conspiacy Inc -
Specializing in glass pipes, water pipes, hookahs, and tobacco smoking accessories as well as punk / skate gear, t-shirts, bumper stickers, zippos and much more.

Crystal Catchers, The #1 selling kif sifting box -
Supplying the world with quality made sifting trays and boxes since the summer of 1999. Also offering a wide selection of metal products (grinders, sifting tins, etc..)

Dr Bongs Cannabis Emporium -
UK based head shop that delivers worldwide. Bongs, pipes, seeds, books, accessories, legal highs and more. Worth a visit.

Drugs-plaza - The place you will find everything you want to know about soft-drugs, like Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms and Herbal drugs

A Drug Test Friend - Discover The Amazing Secret That Olympic & Pro Athletes, Actors & Actresses, High-Paid Executives, And Street-Smart Convicts Use To Pass Drug Tests In Just 1 Hour GUARANTEED

Easyleaf Herb Grinders and Accessories - An online shopping site supplying high quality Herb & Solid Grinders, Pipes, M-Frames and much more. Robust and stylish products made with brushed steel and non-stick materials.

Exotic Zombie WoodProducts - Home of the Zombie Shaker Box. The Zombie Shaker box is a hand crafted Kif box from the Pacific Northwest. Secure Online Ordering. Retail and Wholesale inquires welcome.

Fifka -Glass smoking pipes and Cigarette-holder FIFKA on-line shop is happy to offer you high quality and beautifully designed glass smoking accessories at the most reasonable prices.

FOUR STIKS EXOTIC INSCENTS - An Environmentally Friendly/Green incense, soy candle and Body/Bath manufacturer/wholesale/internet retailer including Hemp Lip Balms and researching other b&b hemp products. We Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. - Funky Munky is a new online head shop with a wide range of grinders, crystal catchers, presses, scales, bongs and much much more!!

Get Your Kif - Kif boxes and accessories for capturing crystals and pollen from dried herbs

Glass Pipes - and bongs with smoking reviews, lots of specials with detailed descriptions, best guide on how to smoke from a pipe or bong, FREE Smoking Helpdesk !

Green Flame Lighter - This is a great new lighter for the "Smokers". A bright green flame shoots out and a little green light shines up behind the cannabis leaf on the front. These lighters come in Silver, Gold, Platinum and Gun Metal Refillable and flame adjustable.

Green Kingdom Hemp - Quality Marijuana and Hemp related products including herb grinders, scales, pipes, bong and much more.

Green Hits Pipe Cleaning Kit - Need your favorite piece professionally detailed? This 22 piece all natural super soy cleaner leaves no residue, no odor & no aftertaste all in less than 1 minute. Conveniently stored in a stout 7" reusable tube.

Green Leaf International - Marijuana related products and accessories - Exclusive range of smoking products.

GrowHigh - Choose from a wide selection of products ranging from bongs to pipes, skins, scales, books, tins, grinders and other cannabis related items including seeds. We ship worldwide.

Habibi Hooka Pillows - Giant Hooka pillows. Made amazingly with the very best fabrics available. Filled with high density shredded massage table foam. The outside is sealed with a zipper so that you can also wash the outside.

Handblown Glass Pipes Auction Site - It's a head shop crossed with eBay! Bid on high quality  handblown glass pipes from artists around the world. Free  registration for buyers and sellers.

HappyVappy Vaporizer - The effective and affordable direct-inhalation convection vaporizer for people who prefer to relax in a smoke-free environment.

HasH BoX - The world's most durable Kif Box. It's great for storing large amounts of herb and turning leaves into hash. - for cannabis seeds, Roor glass bongs, weed pipes, bubble bags and more great smoking paraphernalia.

Herbal Boxes - Herbal Boxes the world's most durable Herb and Spice box. Herbal Boxes also carries Herbal seeds, Grow Lights, Grinders, Dehydrators and cloning Kits.

HempireGeneralStore.Com - Check Out The GOLDLEAF XTRACTOR. Make Your Own ICOLATOR HASH You Will Never Throw Out Your Leaf Again .First 100 Orders Receives FREE Lollipop Pipe.

HideAway Online - HideAway Online is easily to best value for your smoking accessories. Definitely worth taking a look!

Hippie kid - Offering USA made glass pipes, nug jars, tapestries, boxes, hemp goods and much more. Kind and considerate shop.

Hookah Goddess - Exotic Hookah Supplies: Tobacco, Non-Tobacco Molasses, Herbal Bidis & Accessories. Worldwide delivery!

Hurricane Pollen Grinder - We manufacture a wide variety of Herb Grinders made of aluminium, wood and acrylic, apart from this we are dealing in glass pipes, Snuff accessories, metal pipes, Chillums, Brass Metal Hukkas, Acrylic bongs, Ceramic pipes & Bongs etc.

INDIKAH - Organic Hempseed Oil Perfumes and Colognes. We combine organic hempseed oil along with the finest pure essential oils and fragrance oils from across mother earth.

420 Jars - Keep your stash fresh in these high quality glass stash jars. Choose from various logo designs or get a personalized jar with your name, initials, etc. engraved into the glass.

Just Add Weed - Bargain cannabis, marijuana head shop with bongs, pipes and much more

1 and only Home of the 420 Cleaning Kit... - We offer a full line up of Formula 420 Products, and also offer our UNIQUE 35 PIECE Cleaning Kits! 

Kind Buds - This site has one incredible view. When you visit you will be sucked into the Kind Bud look at this picture and you can see many things inside the herb.

Lighter Linq - Lighter Linq...never lose your lighter again! 

LSD Blotter Art - We sell 100% legal undipped prints of blotter sheets. We have many designs, including, grateful dead, alice in wonderland, hoffman, alex grey.


Keef My Box - Custom finished wood boxes with various 420 related designs. We offer many sizes at a great price. After scale the country I think we may have some of the most unique boxes out there! - Premium Roach Clip of recycled Amazon wood & beadwork - Hand-crafted premium Roach Clip of recycled Amazon hardwood mounted to a sturdy alligator clip, embellished with trippy stuff including wild turkey feathers, Czech beads, fetishes. Earth-friendly and elegant!


Miami Blunts - Made from 100% natural tobacco leaf, they will capture the market with their smooth tobacco flavor, ease of use for the self roller and low cost.

Mix'n'Ball Grinders - Home of the Mix'n'Ball grinders; offering new concept of metal products.

Molino Smoking Accessories - Molino Grinder, Pyrex glass pipes, Pyrex bongs, Filter tips and a lot of other smoking accessories in best quality for reasonable prices...

Moonerman - In a Universe with Millions of Planets and Billions of Stars there is only one Mooner. A funky stying wise Stoner..Comes to life on Kool merchandise. Mooner needs a home.

Multipurpose Clip Gallery - Hand crafted multipurpose clips (roach clips)

MyOneHitWonder - Dugout Smoking System that fits in the most popular brands of cigarettes

NetBong Smoke Shop - Offering cigarette rolling papers, rolling machines, cases, lighters, pipes, scales, grinders and related head shop merchandise.

Papers of the Month Club - Have your favorite rolling papers delivered to your door every month!

Pass Drug Tests with Clean Urine - sells drug-free clean urine samples and transport kits to assist in passing a drug test. These substitution kits allow you to easily and affordably beat a urine drug test or drug screen.

Pastease Pasties: Breast Pasties Sexy Nipple Covers, Club, Beach, Party or Swimwear. Includes "The Leaf" Pastease which have been featured in High Times, Heads and Skunk Magazine and seen on Howard Stern. ~ One of the largest Pewter Sites in the world! ~ 1000's of items made from pewter help make this site one of the largest pewter sites in the world...

Pipsmacks Online Shop - smoking products and detox

Pocket scales,digital scales - Manufacturer and wholesaler of digital pocket scales,0.1g to 0.01g accuracy to meet your weighing needs.

Pothead Designs - Quality aircraft aluminum, kif jars. Anodized in black, red, blue & green. - Offering the lowest prices on Royal Blunts anywhere! Available in 8 hot flavors. vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, cognac, chronic, jamaican rum, watermelon and blueberry.

RAINEY MOON'S SMOKE SHACK - The largest smoke shack on the web - waterpipes - bongs - glass pipes - papers - herbal smoke & more.

Rollies International Pipes & Papers - We sell from a huge selection of Rolling Papers, Glass Pipes, Metal Pipes, Water Pipes, Scales, Flasks, Ashtrays and much more. Check us out our online store today.

Screenbuddy - The Screenbuddy fits over the end of any glass piece and traps the ash before it hits your mouth.

Shell Shock - Shell Shock is a full service cannabis store in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Come check us out, we carry pipes, bongs, detox, papers, and much more. Buy online or in store. - Alternative recreation. Buy all your smoking and party accessories online! Bongs, pipes, vaporizers, legal highs and more...

420SPOT.LA - The 420SPOT where you can find some of the best T-Shirts and merchandise on the net. Yes this is THE 420spot you'll see at reggae events and other venues.

Small Axe Suru Board - Small Axe makes rolling easier with the one-of-a-kind rolling tray with cushioned bottom for cigar, cigarette and pipe smokers to better sort and roll their herbs

Smokerizer - The ultimate tool for the medical marijuana patient

Smokinjoepipes - We sell roll your own products, papers, machines, pipes and pipe supplies. 

Smorgasbox - Wood & Soapstone Boxes, Aromatherapy Burners & Oils

SMOKESTRONG - SMOKESTRONG sells awareness bracelets in order to promote responsible, healthy, and enjoyable smoking habits. Check out the site and get your bracelet now!

SPACEGRINDERS.COM - The best prices on Space Case herb grinders and TrueBlendz stash cases! Free Shipping Worldwide!

TheBC Sifting & Salvage Boxes - Save your keef !! High Quality, Handmade Oak boxes., Mirrored Glass Bottoms. Unique & Practical Stackable Design. 100% Organic Linseed Oil Finish. 100 Mesh Stainless Steel Screens.

The Honey-dust Grinder - The official site for the Honey-dust Grinder

The Musical Plant of Reggae - The Musical Plant of Reggae is the poster that describes the evolution of reggae music. With more than 700 names, 100 photos this is a must for the true reggae fan.

The New Cool Stuff - Cool Smoking products and novelty's!

The Original Cache Tray - The first spring loaded stem, bat, vapo tube and pipe cleaner on the market. This product doubles as an incense holder for small to large sticks (8" - 24").

The Puff Shop - One stop smoking accessories head shop. From bongs to pipes and scales to seeds we have it all.

The Smoke Zone - Your smoking accessories headquarters. Located in Beautiful B.C.

Tokeez - "The ultimate water pipe accessory" Tokeez is the world's first and only multi functional water pipe accessory. With Tokeez, when you want to smoke, you smoke. No frantic searching for your lighter or your stash. You will have everything all in one place and ready to go

Trippie Hippie Clippies - Hand crafted inexpensive Roach Clips. Free Shipping!

Un Callejon de Amsterdam - Paraphernalia - Marijuana paraphernalia store in Mexico. Pipes, bongs, hookahs, papers, artistic pipes and more.

UNIZONE INTERNATIONAL - The biggest wholesale of glass bongs, pipes, color change pipes, metal smoking pipes, herb grinders & smoking accessories at incredible prices.

Vapureyes - Manufacturers Homepage - Vapureyes your herbs at the speed of light! Small handheld, precision inhilation solutions!

WATER PIPE ACCESSORIES - Waterpipe accessories, glasstubes, downstems, pullbowls, incense oil dispensers.

Wolf Productions, The Original Roll Tray - A range of cool little rolling boxes, the solution to all your rolling needs.

WonderWood Box - Home of HandCrafted Kif Collection Boxes WonderWood creates high quality collection boxes for your best herb  preparation. Don't let those glands go to waste! We offer several styles to choose from along with a custom selection of exotic woods.





420 Shopping

Containing tons of inside info on problems and solutions experienced by growers with tons of pictures and two bonus sections.

A marijuana/hemp search engine with tons more cool stuff!!!!

Buy Dutch Seeds one of the best seeds suppliers in the market today!!!

Grasscity for all your headshop needs, pipes, papers, rolling accessories, legal highs and much more...

















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