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Miscellaneous Sites

Absinthe Kits - Legal absinthe kits, $10 with Free Shipping.

Amsterdam Cannabis Ministry - The THC Ministry is based on ancient wisdom, modern science & the enlightening & healing properties of cannabis sacrament.

- A drog on blugs. Er, a blog on...well, you know.

Ash Freelance - $60 Banner Design, Web Design, Flash Intros, and more.

A Stoners Way - (not Stoners Heaven) -One way, Only Way, A Stoners Way. Your home for anything and everything for stoners. Providing useful guides and tons of information.

Bubble Hash (Pure THC Crystal Hashish): Make the best water hash (Bubblehash). How to Make Bubble Hash - Hashish THC Crystal - History of bubble hash (hashish) + ingredients that make up hash. Opti says: psychoactive constituents reactions to THC crystal.

Cannabis Cup Video - Each November in Amsterdam, High Times magazine hold's it's annual cannabis cup. The cannabis cup video is a 2hr trip through the worlds premier cannabis event. Experience the freedom only Amsterdam can offer.*not authorized by high times*

80s CHILD - 'stoner enhanced' site dedicated to 80s pop culture.

Chronic Amsterdam - Video travel shows that show how many communities and cultures are providing their citizens and millions of tourists the freedom to enjoy a good smoke. 

Clearchoice of NY - Pass a Drug Test Products To Help You Pass A Urine Drug Test Or a Hair Follicle Drug Test Wih A 200% Double Money Back Guarantee - is a internetsite about the nicest coffeeshops in Amsterdam. No complex ratings, just a personal view from a user. Hotspots in Amsterdam as wel as tourist information is given on this frequently updated site.

Comunidad de Amigos del Cannabis - Chilean community of marijuana growers and enthusiasts, activists and people interested in general discuss of the cannabis sativa plant. In Spanish.

CORP Drug Testing CORP is a drug testing company oriented to help Individuals pass pre employment drug tests. We can do urine drug test or Hair tests to let you know if almost any drug is in your system.

DaKindGreenBud - Lots of pictures a few short columns about marijuana and how the marijuana is in our visitors home towns. A few beer girl pictures, and a homegrown picture page.

Decadence Online Smartshop - Decadence online smartshop offer New Zealanders the Virtual Amsterdam Smartshop Experience form the comfort of their own homes.

Defeat the drug test - Beat-the-drug-test, our products pass/beat blood, urine, saliva, whole body, alcohol durg, pre-employment drug.

DrugsTalk.NET - Come and join the Drugs Community - marijuana, shrooms, XTC, etc.

A Drug Test Friend - Discover The Amazing Secret That Olympic & Pro Athletes, Actors & Actresses, High-Paid Executives, And Street-Smart Convicts Use To Pass Drug Tests In Just 1 Hour GUARANTEED!

Drug Test 911 - Free instructions for passing a drug test with common household items.

Dr Weeds Free News and Pics - dr weed has medicine for your mind updated news and more.

Erowid Cannabis Image Vaults - An extensive collection of cannabis photos, drawings, and pictures of sativa, indica, male and female plants, leaves, hash, historical images, marijuana tax stamps and more.

Evil Weeds - Evil Weeds contains info that every dope fiend should know, from how to roll a joint movies, to bong creation, to a bit of hash cooking.

Find Out About Ways to Passing a Drug Test - Offers detoxifying products for passing drug tests. Pass any drug test or your money back.

Flavor your bonghits - a website with news, pics, tips, stories, bong pong and more

Get to Know a Marijuana Dealer - Kalin's site including a Beginning Marijuana Dealer's manual, my novels and stories and a bunch of other writings and stuff.

420GreetingCards - All 420GreetingCards and envelopes are printed on tree-free hemp paper. All 420GreetingCards t-shirts are printed on high-quality hemp/organic cotton blend featuring three of our more popular card designs.

Grow-links - Here you will find seed grow and headshops all over the world..!

Hair Test Friend - If your job, position, freedom, or competitive status is at risk, this Manual will allow you to GIVE THE FINGER TO DRUG HAIR TESTING without fear of getting nailed. 

How to pass a drug test? - Detox products - Detox products online shop. Marijuana Detox Kits.

Interview with a Presidential Candidate - Marijuana Party's Cris Ericson - An interview with Marijuana Party 2008 presidential candidate Cris Ericson

Just Say Once To Salvia Divinorum - Got Salvia? How about a FREE sample? Sign my Guest/LogBook and get a free complimentary sample to try out for yourself. It's OUT OF THIS WORLD - Are you READY?

Legend Tees - Custom printed 420 apparel! LEGEND TEES 420 APPAREL! Your #1 source for brand new custom printed 420 t-shirts in any size S-5XL! Lowest prices and Highest Quality!

Marijuana Information - General information about marijuana and other psychedelic plants and cacti.

Marijuana Strain Guide - A database guide with user submitted information about the various strains of marijuana.

MellowfX 2 - a stoner community/forum where you can get information on various drugs/substances and talk about getting high. We are a group of very diverse, friendly people from all over the world, here to entertain.

Miami Blunts - Made from 100% natural tobacco leaf, they will capture the market with their smooth tobacco flavor, ease of use for the self roller and low cost. "Miami Blunts" pouches are packed eight(8)Phat natural leaves.

NovelTee Clothing Co. - Clothing that suits your every mood. Express yourself!

Pass a Drug Test - Drug Testing Advice and Information - Pass a drug test. Drug testing advice, information and products from Ultimate Detox.

Pass a Drug Test -Guaranteed - We offer drug detox products and home drug test kits that will help you pass your drug test or your money back.

Pass It - How To Pass a drug test with proven products for hair , urine , and saliva.

Path of Destruction - A place for smoker's and non-smoker's to talk about current issues and rant & rave about other topics. - we offer the latest in drug testing solutions with our easy and affordable urine substitution kits. These are sterile, DRUG-FREE, human urine samples guaranteed to pass your drug test

420Pothead - 20 free pics Hot young Amateur Babe smokes herb out her bong.

Recreational Drugs / Portal - Portal to all Recreational Drugs

Smoke Away - 7 Day Smoke Away Quit Smoking Guaranteed!

Spiritual Enlightenment - *Spiritual Enlightenment for the Mind* - Get a free email address ( while reading daily blogs, forums, music videos and more from fellow stoners! is also a band, so check out our original music!

Talk 420 - a forum for the discussion of anything and everything marijuana,from general talk to the legalization and regulation of marijuana.

The Salvia Center - A comprehensive hub for salvia divinorum information. Featuring a link directory, an online library of reference texts and exclusive new salvia articles, and a salvia newsletter. - See the flash animated bong designs along with detailed step by step guides on how to make a 'hoofer'. Check out the new 3d Pics section (growing daily). We got one of the largest collections of dope games on the net - Easy to understand marijuana information...

Top 25 Stoner Sites - A list of the top 25 stoner sites on the net. Webmasters, add your site!

Ultimate Detox - Detox Information on How To Pass A Drug Test - Pass a drug test. Drug testing advice, information and products from Ultimate Detox.

420underground - A website about punk,pot,and more. we have a message board and free e-mail.

WikiStrains - Marijuana strains Wiki. Description, smoke reports, and high quality pictures of the different types (strains) of marijuana. 




420 Shopping

Containing tons of inside info on problems and solutions experienced by growers with tons of pictures and two bonus sections.

A marijuana/hemp search engine with tons more cool stuff!!!!

Buy Dutch Seeds one of the best seeds suppliers in the market today!!!

Grasscity for all your headshop needs, pipes, papers, rolling accessories, legal highs and much more...



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