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ACTION REQUIRED: LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND DRUGS IN THE UNITED STATES!! - This editorial discusses overcoming political resistance to the idea of legalizing marijuana and other drugs in the USA.

Cannabis Campaigners Guide
- All the info that a legalize-cannabis campaigner needs: facts, stats, addresses, e-mails, history, medicine, industry, religion, human rights, law, politics and more.

Cannabis USA - Dedicated to legalization, preservation and cultivation

Church of the Universe - Open to all creatures who believe God is God. The leaf of the tree of life is for the healing of the nations. Revelations Chapter 22. - Original reporting and creative writing and up-to-date news and other links, promoting a strong legalization-anti-prohibitionism by illustrating  what a mess the entire War on Some Drugs is.

DRUG LAWYERS - Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia - Medical marijuana article from hightly-rated law firm defending prosecutions for marijuana and all other controlled dangerous substances in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Free the Weed Petition - A petition hoping to get Congress to review the current laws against Marijuana. Please take a moment and be heard.

Henry County NORML - Bringing together people in Missouri who believe in marijuana law reform - Encouraging Americans to Speak Out for Marijuana Legalization. Help Scott Jeffery ban laws against smoking marijuana and making it legal. Vote Scott Jeffery for Manhattan Borough President. - The Austrian Legalization Network

Mars To Earth - Mars To Earth is a volunteer journalist group reporting on positive Counter-Culture lifestyles.... - nonprofit org for medical marijuana (Oregon)

No Jail for Pot - This site is a declaration that can be signed by it's visitors to aid in the legalization of marijuana.

NORML - Main site for the NORMAL organizations.

NORML - Canada - Canadian chapter of N.O.R.M.A.L.

NORML - Portland - The largest site on the web primarily concerned with cannabis. The Portland chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws maintains a huge library of news, articles, documents and research going back more than a decade.

Ohio Marijuana Party - Group seeks to remove all penalties for adults 21 and over who consume cannabis in a responsible manner. Read latest news and policy articles. Chat

Paraphernalia - Design arts and clothing brand dedicated to raising and spreading awareness on drug policy reforms

Pot-Talk - Newsletters relating to marijuana.

Project - Project is a clearinghouse for marijuana activism. We have information on protests and marches, the drug war, news, medical marijuana, and a variety of other topics. Welcome to the WAR!!

420RockStarz - The 420Rockstarz site is dedicated to stoners and friends from all over the planet, An internet community for stoner fellowship and other marijuana related subjects.

The Free Canadian Party - Working together for Canada and medical cannabis patients

The Green Checkmark - The green check is the international symbol for Marijuana support. Bearers of this symbol are not all users, many are those who know and understand the need to legalize this product.

The Green Panthers - The only solution to the War on Drugs is a separate country for the counterculture.

The Legalize Marijuana Party - Site of the "Legalize Marijuana Party", and Edward Forchion; candidate for state assembly and Rastafarian believer.  Mr. Forchion has run for Congress, State Assembly and Camden County Freeholder under the legalize Marijuana Party which he founded.

The Marijuana Movement - Promoting open-mindedness to properly educate and fairly evaluate marijuana in the medical, industrial and personal recreational areas

The Legalization pamphlet site - The Best Legalization resource. Links, quotes, downloadable version of "The Pamphlet", research, instructions on legalization.

Vermont Cannabis Coalition - A coalition of activists working for the legalization of cannabis in Vermont.

WSMU - washington state marijuana users - small site of individuals dedicated to the legalization of the plant marijuana.

What about 420 - Should Marijuana Be legal or illegal

WI Norml - The WI Chapter of Norml is a key state on the verge of legalizing Industrial Hemp & Medical Marijuana. Even if you donít live in Wisconsin we urge you to 
become a member or make a donation.





420 Shopping

Containing tons of inside info on problems and solutions experienced by growers with tons of pictures and two bonus sections.

A marijuana/hemp search engine with tons more cool stuff!!!!

Buy Dutch Seeds one of the best seeds suppliers in the market today!!!

Grasscity for all your headshop needs, pipes, papers, rolling accessories, legal highs and much more...








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