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Welcome to the Shopping section of Project420. Here you will find the finest 420 products the world has to offer. Come back often as the list of categories and sites will be growing fast... If a category appears that is the same as your site, your link will be moved to the matching category.



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Alternate Smoke - AlternateSmoke - 100% LEGAL SMOKE, Hemp Accessories, Smoking Aides, T-Shirts, Stash Boxes and more.

Ask a Greenwitch - Ask a Greenwitch is a holistic 'live advice' site that specializes in Cannabis and Holistic Health Health Questions. Site contents inclued,Ask Dr.Christine,Ask Dr.GreenThumb and Ask A Witch.
Smartshop, Headshop & Growshop - Azarius has been a decent webshop for many years and we're still going strong. Our product range includes all kinds of pipes, bongs, vaporizers and many other high quality smoking supplies. 

Blauwe Engel - Online smart shop. We sell; all kinds of seeds for weed plants and cacti, bongs, pipes, mushrooms, grow kits, salvia, San Pedro etc.

Boo's Room - Clothing, unique art, novelty items, "Fight Terrorism Grow Domestic" T-shirts

Bottle Blaster -
It's better than a funnel, and offers a unique way to enjoy a bottled beer.

California Chronic Co. -
Keep it Chronic and support the life with our subtle and unique look.

Cannabis Fashion - Marijuana Apparel - Unique marijuana designs on many shirts and clothing items. Funny stoner t-shirts, Large selection Custom Cannabis pictures on different tshirts and accessories.

4:20 Clocks - These unique wall clocks read 4:20 every

Cheap Vaporizer - Portable convection vaporizer

Custom Hemp Graphics on T-Shirts - Custom no fade tees & Sweatshirts

Discount Digital Scales Wholesale Prices to the Public - We are your discount scale source for everybody.

Dr Bongs
- Online Head Shop. Wide range of cool cannabis accessories including bongs, pipes, books, seeds, vaporizers, herbal highs. - Pass Any Drug Test!

Dr. Sneaky Products - The most versatile specialty fluid container available. Easy to drain. Wear in multiple configurations. - ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF HOLLAND. THE ONLINE AMSTERDAM SMOKE SHOP -  Buy Absinthe online, we ship globally, even the US We at started selling absinthe online in 1998 with Back then we only had one brand of absinthe (a far cry from today!), and only shipped to the UK.

Eclipse Head Shop - Eclipse Head Shop is located in Martinsburg WV and carries a large range of pipes, bongs, bowl and accessories. We carry glass and acrylics. We stock Roor, Vaporize, Chameleon glass and more. - online head shop - Huge online head shop specializing in the finest bongs, pipes,legal highs and alternative lifestyle products. Plus free dope games for all visitors. - Clothing for all seasons, party and rave clothing, amazing hats, special designed bags, backdrops of all sizes and designs, lamps, ashtrays and many other items from India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Central and South America and now even from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) Spain and The UK!

Exotic Zombie WoodProducts - Hand crafted kif boxes. Tired of wasting the good? Try a Zombie Shaker Box. Secure online ordering. Wholesale and retail inquiries welcome. - the clock stoped at twenty after four and we're still blazin.

Generic Brand Clothing Co. - Dope shirts for Cheap. "are you a PotFiend" the videogame and more at

Green Kingdom Hemp - Head shop featuring pipes, bongs, vaporizers, papers, sclaes and other fun head shop stuff.

Hair Care USA - Home to Hempz hair and Alterna Hemp Seed hair products.

Head Hippy Smoke Shop - Head Hippy brings you the sickest pieces at the best retail prices on the internet

420HELL - has everything you want for your smoking needs. Hippies, stoners, potheads all united into one site. Its all about 420 here at

Herbal Smoke - Herbal Hydro is your online resource for herbal smoke blends. All the best potent herbal smoke made famous in High Times and cannabis culture magazines around the world. New Killer Nuggets herbal smoke online.

Herbal Highs and gadget smoking pipes - Manufacturers of herbal highs, Gadget Smoking pipes and tobacco alternatives.

Hippie & Kynd Goods for a Kynd Life - Clothing, Incense, burners and holders, candles, camping and festival gear, posters, political activism and much more - all from a couple of friendly kynd hippies. - Buy enthobotaicals and enthogenic supplies at iamshaman.

JaJa Import & Export b.v - wholesalers (also online) in 'Smokers Supplies' for more then10 years. We deliver all around the world and are located in Breda in the Netherlands. For the supplies that we have in our assortment we refer you to our website.

Just Add Weed - Bongs, Pipes, Hookahs, Grinders, Stash Gear, Lighters, Tins, T-shirts and more smoking accessories, gifts and games. Our prices are lower so you can get higher!!!

Kind Time - Awesome T-shirts for all you 420ers!!! Promote 420 with the hippest all original brand new 420 shirt! It's Kindtime! Support the small business stoner!

Lancaster Trading Concepts - Unique products featured are hemp pretzels, hard and soft, and handrolled hemp wick beeswax candles. We also sell a variety of hemp clothing and accessories. - Online headshop selling everything from Magic Shrooms to Laughing Gas, Salvia to San Pedro and Peyote. - Large selection of legal exotic herbal smoking blends. Flat rate shipping and we ship almost anywhere. - seeds, bongs, T-shirts, vaporizers, shrooms...

MaryJane Knickers - "Diamante 'J' Strings with Marijuana & Smiley designs"

OldIndian Shops - Located in the red light district of Amsterdam and offers the widest variety in smoking supplies of Holland. We are outlet for the six main seedbanks of Holland.

Pass Any Drug Test - 200% Guaranteed Description: Customers soon to undergo drug testing can purchase such items as synthetic urine, drinks, pills, hair follicles, and test kits.

Pass My Piss Test! - Pass Drug Test! - Pass Your Drug Test Here! We have all of your necessary cleansing products to cover, Schedule Drug Test, Random Drug Test, Hair Follicle Test, and also Saliva Drug Testing.

PASSYOURDRUGSCREENS.COM - Sale prices on one or more Spectrum Labs Detoxifying Products, and Home Test  Kits! 200% Money Back Guarantee on all Detoxifying Products.

Phat Pimp Clothing Co. ---UnderGround Pimp 420 Shirts To Wear When You're High

Plastic Monkey UK - Online Head & Swag shop. We stock the Bukket Bong! - This site is for 420 style fashion ONLY 

Pokesmot Wear - Clothing for the Smoking Advocate.

Premier Drug Test Consultants - Find Drug Test Kits and Education for your Home, Workplace, Schools, Groups, and Youth Treatment Programs. Our Drug Testing Kits are FDA cleared, accurate, confidential, quick and easy to use.

PSB - Phi Smoka Bowl - A tradition since 420 - T-shirts, hats, mugs, sweat shirts, mouse pads. - Buy Salvia Online. For Sale to the UK and Worldwide! We pride ourselves on stocking high quality standardized Salvia Divinorum Extracts. - Red Eye manufactures the world's finest smoking paraphernalia: find out more about the Rokit bong, the A'maze'd pipe and Crystal Twist 2 in 1 grinder.

Rhino Gifts UK - Britain's leading head shops supplying  a range of Rolling Papers, Bongs, Lighters, Scales, Grinders and much  more.

Roor Glass Bongs - Information on the best bong's in the world. Videos, guides and more at Roor Glass Bongs

Salvia Divinorum Information  - Supplier of high quality salvia divinorum seeds, dried leaves, salvia plants and salvia extracts in quantities of 5x, 10x, 15x and salvia divinorum x20! 

Salvia Divinorum - World Wide Suppliers of premium quality Salvia Divinorum extract & leaf. Organic Import OR hydroponically generated Salvia Available(v. strong) - Quality Oaxacan Salvia divinorum dried leaves and extracts. We carry 5X, 7X and 10X extracts.

Salvia Madness - Salvia sweet salvia, legally take me high, in the sky, and see the triangles of the minds eye.

Shayana shop - We provide a wide range of herbal products such as magic mushrooms, natural herbs, cacti and other.

SalviaStore - Manufacturer & Wholesalers of Salvia Divinorum products to the trade and public.We sell quality Leaf,Tincture.Extracts,5x,10x,15x,20x,Plants and Cuttings.

Smuggler T-shirts - For a Cannabis smoking, Hemp wearing lifestyle.

Sweet Hemptations - Innovative Hemp store with its finger on the pulse of the movement in Canada. We're in the trenches with you fighting for rights and freedoms plus the best prices for YOU!

The Flea Market - T-shirt Producer. Cannabic Collection.

Toxinflush - Beat Drug Test We carry detox drinks, carbo shakes, additives, clean urine, etc. that have been used for over a decade by millions of satisfied customers.

Uncle Stink's Trading Post - "Get it at Stink's"- Glass/wood pipes - T-Shirt Transfers - Downloads - Gameroom - Online Flea Market

Vansterdam - Online Headshop - We sell Glass Bongs and Glass Pipes including brand names RooR, EHLE and Smile

Vita-press , the precision press - The all-metal press that transforms loose or powdered substances (pollen,herbs,etc.) into a solid form.

Worry Free Detox - offers the top selling and most trusted detoxifying supplements in the market. We are here to help you maintain your body healthy and clear of impurities.

Yin Yang Novelty - we are a online smoke shop with glass pipes, wood pipes, papers, scales and a whole lot more....






420 Shopping

Containing tons of inside info on problems and solutions experienced by growers with tons of pictures and two bonus sections.

A marijuana/hemp search engine with tons more cool stuff!!!!

Buy Dutch Seeds one of the best seeds suppliers in the market today!!!

Grasscity for all your headshop needs, pipes, papers, rolling accessories, legal highs and much more...


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