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Grass City - Browse for smoking accessories like Bongs, Water Bongs, Unique Glass Pipes, smoking gadgets, rolling papers and much more to our shop section. Party packs available. New items added frequently. Special daily deals. Learn everything you want to know about smoking or growing and discuss it with fellow Tokers on the discussion forums. Enjoy and toke it easy!










Fun & Recreation



Acidflyers - We have been printing flyers for clubs/events for over 10 years.

Amsterdam For Smokers - A new site which gives you alot of info about marijuana related topics in and around amsterdam.

- A cool board where stoners can chill. We have 90 skins and 420 different smileys. Very friendly board.

A Stoners Way - Site for stoners, new and growing! Help the life of ONE stoner JUST by JOINING ONE COMMUNITY

Bad Trip Guide - A detailed psychedelic trip planning guide and a small but effective guide for pulling out of a current bad trip. - All that "baking" would imply Stupid things that would make you laugh while "baked"!

Cannabis Corner Exchange
- A website and forum for the discussion of cannabis cultivation and other related topics.

Captain Zig Zag - the human joint!!! des: 56 page graphic novel, series, humor, the site has LOT's of cartoons n stuff, funny videos, sexy videos, funny sexy videos, NO PORN!!! I said "sexy" not "sex".'s the link

Concept420 - Entertainment and Information - Pics, Sounds, Jokes, Downloads, How-to Guides, Tips, Growing, Reference 
Material, MORE!!

CRRH's Hemp Jeopardy! - Test your knowledge of hemp and marijuana culture against time, and the world!

Copelandia Magic Mushrooms - We specialize in the Copelandia Cyanescens Magic Mushroom. We also sell spores, growkits & litterature.

DankSpot 420 Community - The Stoniest Marijuana Community Spot on the internet to Truly be PRO Marijuana with others just like yourself, Meet new Stoners from all around the world and possibly in your area.

Dopefarmer - Become a dope farmer! In a game that combines the mechanics of Harvest Moon and the theme of Dope Wars, plant, grow and sell crops, synthesize illegal chemicals, and keep an eye out for the man!

Dope Farmer Online - A remake of the game Dope Farmer.

Dr Green Tongue's House of Ganja - Entertainment and Information, everything you need to know about marijuana, Cartoons, Games, How-To's, Recipes, Ganja Gallery, Growing Info, Shrooms and lots more.

Dude 420 - Homegrown Stoner Cartoons! Weed Games and other Trippy Stuffs!

Extreme Smotpoking - A cannabis web site featuring pitures, humor, articles, terminology, and much more! - is devoted to making flash cartoons and audio skits. Currently spotlighting Budz: The Bitch Next Door. Story is about four guys who like to hang out, smoke weed, and terrorize their neighbor's dog. 


420 friendly dating web site - tired of wasting 30+ a month on Internet dating? Want to meet a 420 match, but without the cost? Hookup for FREE at Singles420, Today!

Free Pot - Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought, Freedom of POT! We have games, celebrities, polls, and interactive forums!

GreenFaze - Stoner Entertainment, Pot Humor and Ganja Radio brings you pot pics, pot downloads, rolling guides, cooking guides, 420 forums and so much more!

Herbsta'z - Everything you could dream up including homemade trip pics and a community for all.

420 High Art - A place to show your highest, trippin, spaced-out art, drawings, doodles, and random scratchings, Cannabis, Music, Art, Science links and more...

Joint'n'bongs gaming - Its a newly develped invision forum free of charge to join we got a good community but want to build it better - Find That 420M8 That Will Turn Your Life Around  420 Degrees.

Interdope - The virtual trips are brand new computer animations. Mind blowing psychedelic trip simulations, Interactive 3D-worlds. You can have virtual drug experiences for all the common illegal drugs with these mind expanding visuals.

420K Internet Drug Community - Chat - Drug Downloads - Drug Information - Over 100 Flash Games -Drug Test Information - How To Make Hash - Forums - Comics & More..

Make A Bong - Instructions on how to make a variety of bongs at home with easily available materials, including gravity, apple, and water pipe bongs.

MarijuanaGuide - tep-by-step instructions to make a bong, vaporizer, knife hits, blunt, hashish, honey oil, many joints, hookah, cannabutter and heaps more as well as grow guides, links and tips.

Marijuana Information Page - This site is dedicated to all things concerning Marijuana. Inside you Will find info On law in your Area history ,Myths, Facts and More...... 

Marijuana Pictures Seeds - Information site about Marijuana Seeds & Pictures - The site is about stamps that are used to tax marijuana.

Marijuana Stand - Flash Game. Guns, sex, blunts, pimps, ho's, gambling, hash, chronic, and cash... Will you make it?

Marijuana Travel Guide - With Marijuana Prices & Information Around The World!

Marijuana University - A site created for the soul purpose of getting away for awhile with like minded people. Games, jokes, optical illusions and more.

Mental FX - Over 200 pages of psychedelic trippy animations, videos, screensavers, wallpapers, posters and more.

Mezkalynn's San Pedro and Peruvian Torch - Dried and peeled San Pedro and Peruvian Torch. $15 for very ounce. Not For Consumption

Mister Rogerz' Goddam Hippie Neighbors - Scripts for filmic adventures of a quartet of freewheelin' stoners;part of Dark Lord Rob's American Entropy Productions film slate.

My 420 Friends - A private membership community of 420 friendly people. The community allows personal webspace, profiles, photo gallery, music, video and much more. The site also provides forums, news, travel, product testing, quality reports and lots of tips and tricks. 

Northcoast Candle, Art and Wax - We sell candles, artwork and art glass. - Website based on marijuana, how to roll, effects, pictures, tutorials, on baking, driving high, etc a bunch of stuff combined  into one, check it out.

1percent -  Earn free bongs and pipes.

Playa - A dope wars type ripoff, the closest to the palm pilot version that I have found.

Pot Humor - Jokes, pot humor, some 420 pics

Psy animations - virtual reality-experiences , 3D-rides and 3D-tunnels, extraterrestrial adventures like space journeys, hyperspace journeys and starfield simulations.explore and travel into virtual worlds and alien worlds.

Purple Cannabis Database - A website dedicated to purple cannabis, including: extensive purple pot gallery, wallpapers, cultivation tips, 420 chat and more... Free, safe (hosted in Amsterdam) and no BS!

Rate My Reefer!! - Smokes yours Rate Theirs - Rating Marijuana since 2006. We are much like a hot or not site but with the twist of marijuana.

Rate My Weed! - View our vast directory of cannabis pictures while adding your own rating! Blaze one up.

Ray Maniaci - Home of DIARAYA, the official diary of standup comedian, Ray Maniaci. DIARAYA = LIFE, GIRLS, CHEEBS

Rhino Gifts - One of Britain's leading headshops supplying a range of Rolling Papers, Bongs, Lighters, Scales, Grinders and much more. All products are distributed World Wide and carry the original manufacturers guarantee.

SCWC (Sunshine Coast Weed Central) - Sunshine Coast Weed Central. We got Games, pics, bongs contests and a whole lot more for you enjoyment.

SHAMAN.NL - Magic mushrooms, psychedelic herbs, herbal ecstasy, salvia divinorum and other entheogens and psychoactives.

SmokingWithStyle - The user-friendly guide to pot etiquette on the web. - Entertainment for Stoners featuring animations, stories, games and movies. Updated regularly.

Stoner - how 2 make bongs,joints,hash,hash oil and more

Stoner Forums - an online stoner community featuring marijuana and lifestyle forums, marijuana pics, cannabis news and activism, marijuana growing information, humor and comedy, stoner podcasts, and tons more information.

Stoner fun - A stoner site made for entertainment.

Stoner Head Lounge - A site for stoners to come and hang out. Features chat, message board, classifieds, pics, more. - cannabis artwork photographic prints as seen in weedworld issue 58 

Stoner Movie Reviews - Thereís nothing quite like settling in front of the telly with your lover, an array of snacks and goodies, and a big, moist, fragrant joint.


Substance Cafe - Learn how to make ganja butter, mushroom tincture or even learn how to brew your own beer!

Suite 420 - Pictures, Animations, Recipes and a whole lot more!!!

Super Stoner - Home of the original super stoner comic... we promote smokage... and kick ass art... come check us out and help us continue our story

The Grow Op Game - The Grow Op Game is a monopoly like board game where players get to rent properties, buy lights, and plants and harvest and sell their own crop; if they donít get busted by the Growbuster.

The Koota game - bong/hookah smoking board game, that's a smoking not a drinking game. Get togeather with your mates and be blown away, whoever has the best Karma, gets more cones!!

THC radio - all kinds of online music (mp3/asx/ram), THCmain stream - techno house drum`n`bass alternative hip hop reggae dub + marihuana games, pictures, program skins, wallpapers, screensavers.

The Adventures of Super Doobie - Free Marijuana Online Comic Strips, Books, Games, Greeting Cards, New, Links. - Marijuana games, forums, recipes, tutorials, and more! - has Marijuana games, cannabis recipes, ganja information, and more! Come check out our extensive bong-building tutorials!

4:20 The Game - The uniquely illustrated adult card game where you play for bong hitz.

Toker Lounge - Whether you are just learning to inhale, a complete pro, or just want to put in your input, this site will fill your needs. 

Virtual Grow 2 - Learn to grow cannabis with this growing simulation program!

WEEDCAMP - About MARIJUANA and a lot of other stuff.

Weed Guru - a site for stoners made by stoners covering weed discussion forums, cannabis varieties, stoned tunes, blunted spliffs, and more marijuana based toking happiness topics - It's a website about Weed Hustler the Boardgame. The game is a hilarious adventure in selling and growing weed in Canada. Every player is a dealer. - South African Marijuana Portal - Discussions, downloads, pics, games, news, recipes.

Weed Nation Soldiers - The Weed Nation Soldiers are a group of World Wide super heroes who are fighting for the common man and their rights to use Marijuana and other natural herbs without persecution from the powers that be.

When People Fly - A Drug Induced Reality - A drug forum and drug support community.

Wo Games - 2006 latest Gaming Sensation Wo Games Presents WastedOne Marijuana drinking and Smoking Games Get Your Devilish Little hands on them Games Contain Photos with Natural Phenomenon within marijuana Photo's

Xjesterx - Marijuana info, music, screensavers, and much more to trip u out.. also roll a joint with kermit the frog.




420 Shopping

Containing tons of inside info on problems and solutions experienced by growers with tons of pictures and two bonus sections.

A marijuana/hemp search engine with tons more cool stuff!!!!

Buy Dutch Seeds one of the best seeds suppliers in the market today!!!

Grasscity for all your headshop needs, pipes, papers, rolling accessories, legal highs and much more...


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